Small motors from Bühler Motor

Lifting, lowering, turning, driving, controlling, adjusting – Bühler Motor is famous for its individually tailored solutions.
Brushless (EC/ BLDC) or brushed DC motors (PMDC), gear motors and pumps combined with sophisticated actuators, electronics
and software create complex drive systems complex drive systems that can deal with even the most unusual challenges permanently and reliably.

Brushed DC motors

Our DC motors cover a performance range up to 200 W.
Brushed motors are used depending on the requirements for rotation speed, performance and operating life.

Brushless DC motors (BLDC)

The up to 700 W electronically commutated motors can be easily integrated into projects and a wide range of competitive solutions.
Our BLDC motors are characterized by quiet running and excellent durability. The permanent magnets are extremely efficient, ensuring
excellent acceleration. With an encoder, BLDC motors can also be used for precise positioning control.


Bühler Motor Innovation and Technology Development looks far into the future.

It identifies and examines technical trends its own core markets and new technologies from other industries.

Areas of expertise

System expertise

One of our greatest strengths is our ability to dive deeply into our customers’ systems and applications.

This enables us to offer our customers complete systems, with motor, actuators, gears and pumps plus the right electronics, sensors and software, from one source.

Areas of expertise

Quality expertise

From the first sketch to dispatch – quality assurance goes without saying at Bühler Motor. Quality is not only a question of process optimization – it’s also a matter of product design.

Our development projects are consistently safeguarded by project maturity assessments within the APQP process.

Areas of expertise