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Lithium, charging stations or solar power from the desert for hydrogen and fuel cells.
Will there ever be a breakthrough for eFuels? There are many open questions on the way to minimizing CO2 emissions.
No one can say for sure which technology will come out on top.
The time has come to act and one thing is certain: more electrification means less CO2 emissions. 

Investments in 48 volt applications are an effective and sensible step, no matter which drive technology will prevail in the end.
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Clean Air

Technology for air pollution control.


Electric transmission oil pumps and actuators for the demands of today and tomorrow.

Thermal Management

Electric pump and drive technologies for energy-efficient temperature control.

Andreas Harbauer
Director Product Segment
Clean Air
Herwig Moser
Director Product Segment
Dr. Sven Urlaub
Director Product Segment
Thermal Management
Mark Furtwängler
Co-CEO &
Owner Buehler Motor Group
Holger Ehrhardt
Director Global
Sales & Marketing
Mounir Kudsi
Vice President
Central Research &

Innovation is key.

48 volts is taking off and is about to establish itself as the new standard for automotive wiring systems.
Read now why 48 volts in our view has a huge future potential.


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