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Land Rover Discovery Sport tows 100 Ton Train using a retractable towbar - successfully developed with a Bühler Motor drive. Turn your attention especially to minute 0:40 in the film.

Find the perfect drive solution for your application: DC / EC motor, gear motor, pump - paired with sensors, electronics and software, as a complete mechatronic solution.

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Fast Forward Solutions


Customized solutions

Mechatronic drive solutions from Bühler Motor are the best choice to move or position something reliably in the tightest of spaces or wherever fluid flows need to be regulated or pressure must be built up or decreased precisely.

Drive technology and development expertise as a core competence

The core of all mechatronic drive solutions from Bühler Motor consist of small brushed DC and brushless EC fractional-horespower motors, gear motors and pumps.

Complete solutions from a single source

Bühler Motor is one of the pioneering ma­nufacturers of small brushed DC motors and electronically-commutated (EC), brushless motors. Today, Bühler Motor’s expertise extends far beyond DC and BLDC motors, gear motors, water pumps and auxiliary water pumps. Pro­ducts and services range from the deve­lopment and production of challenging actuators via software and electronic con­trollers to injection molded plastic parts, allowing Buehler to be a single source for your complete drive system.

Offering the capabilities of a systems partner

With in-house competences in system integration, product development, production and quality Bühler Motor supports its customers as a full system partner. Complete solutions from a single source offer effective relief to customers, allowing them to focus on their core businesses.

When it comes to challenging drive solutions, leading companies in the automotive, healthcare, building, office and automation technology fields rely on Bühler Motor’s development and production expertise  and quality commitment.

New Director of Thermomanagement

Dr.-Ing. Sven Urlaub has been named global Director of the Automotive Thermomanagement product segment of Bühler Motor GmbH effective July 1, 2016 ...

R&D at Bühler Motor even closer to customers

Mounir Kudsi is new Vice President Research and Development at Bühler Motor ...

New dynamics in the management of the Bühler Motor Group

Dr. Udo Haberland new Vice President Industrial & Healthcare – Mark Furtwängler becomes head of NAFTA activities ...